Veggies are In!

Fresh from the fields this morning: organic easter egg radishes, japanese turnips, arugula and rapini. Hopefully we will have them all weekend, but the turnips are moving fast! I picked this all up from the Oxbow Farm team this morning, after spending the morning building a trellis for the sweet peas and planting Miss Wilmott zinnias. I saw a snake sliding through the grass, and a cougar ran along the edge of my fields. I think we spooked each other equally. In addition to the vegetables, the shop is filled with gorgeous giant purple alliums, sweet frilly columbine and buttercups — just for fun.


Love Your Mother


There is perhaps no spring flower that smells as sweet as Lily-of-the-Valley. Also called Mary’s Tears and Our Lady’s Tears — after the Virgin Mary, the little flower often makes moms nostalgic. They either had a patch in their childhood backyard, or wore the scent as a first perfume in high school. So stop in and buy your mom — or the mother to your children, or your sister, or your grandmother — a bunch for Mother’s Day. You can also buy Muguet-flavored Maison Bouche chocolate, or scoop up some of the other fragrant and delightful flowers that we have in the shop right now: heirloom daffodils, gigantic scilla in mauve and blue, bleeding heart, garden roses…. If your mother prefers to dig in the dirt, we have 9 varieties of tomato starts from Oxbow farmers Luke and Adam. Breathe it in.
Hope to see you at Marigold and Mint! Or call to place an order for delivery. 206-682-3111.